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Emotionally Homegrown [userpic]
by Emotionally Homegrown (the2ndhandkid)
at July 12th, 2008 (03:27 am)

Hellooooo??? Is anybody out there?????

I posted to boobie bootcamp about this but have not received any answers. I noticed there hasn't been a post for a while now, but hopefully someone will come across this with some info.

I have been nursing for four weeks now and feel very nauseous when I do so. Everything else is going fine but this overwhelming nausea. I don't feel sick otherwise, exhausted defenitly but not actually ill. Anyone else have this experience/know what the reason may be??? Is this "normal"?


Posted by: Emotionally Homegrown (the2ndhandkid)
Posted at: July 12th, 2008 08:39 am (UTC)

Things are picking up. Not so emotional, not so sore...still trying to come to terms with the birth not going as I had "planned"..and trying to figure out how i am going to be able to get anything done with this beautiful baby attached to my boob all day long. Thanks for asking. and thanks for the advice.

Posted by: Sitter by Desolate Streams (perfectcherry)
Posted at: October 7th, 2008 07:04 am (UTC)

You really won't be able to get anything done, so try to get plenty of help, especially people to bring you prepared meals and do your laundry! I just had my baby two weeks ago and the help I've been getting from my mom has been invaluable. Once you develop a feeding and sleeping routine you'll be able to get chores done in quick snatches, but don't try to rush it. :) You really need to be well fed, well hydrated, and well rested to breast feed well and it can still be stressful, especially with all the hormones it releases, which is why it's so important to have helpers around to "mother the mother." It may be hormones are also contributing to your nausea, but it should lessen with time; The hormones effect me by making me nearly fall asleep while my baby nurses!

My aunt recommended that I pump breast milk in between nursing to build up a small stockpile of frozen breast milk, which I could then have a helper feed my baby while I slept, just to be able to get more than an hour and a half of rest at a stretch every now and then. I haven't done that yet, but it seems like a great suggestion so we invested in an electric breast pump. It won't help you now, obviously, but you might want to consider it for later.

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