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Crystal [userpic]
Intro and BF situation
by Crystal (krn_chopstick)
at April 15th, 2013 (09:36 pm)
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First off hi everyone I'm new to the community. I'm the mother of a very precious 4 month old girl and my life couldn't be more perfect right now...except for one issue.
I have been struggling with nursing since she was born due to my milk not coming in till almost a week after she was born. I have dealt with having to bottle feed her because she wouldn't be full enough from me or nursing wasn't an option ( at a friends' house and nowhere to nurse) and I know a lot of it was my fault because I wasn't there as far as my comfort level and as a consequence my milk flow suffered. On top of that we had to travel and move to an entirely different state two months ago and because my husbands dad was driving and we had to make good time, nursing was a bit difficult in the back seat of a pickup.
To make this LONG story a bit shorter, I pretty much dried up completely about two weeks ago due to another long car ride to get my husbands other daughter for spring break and there was no nursing because my daughter wouldn't latch on anymore. She has become so used to the bottle flow I was about to give up nursing or attempting to. But I decided it wasn't fair to her that I wasn't forcing myself to sit and nurse and so I went and bought fenugreek and I can honestly say it has worked! I'm not doing enough to meet her demand so she's still not really latching but I am pumping anywhere from a half to an ounce and I just add it to her formula. I'm hoping I can eventually make it to where I can get her to drop the bottle or even get her to nurse at least at first and if she still needs the bottle to top it off so be it. But I was hoping if anyone had any advice on this or even if someone could relate in some sense. Is it possible after 4 months to get her to breastfeed exclusively?
Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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