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Dagny [userpic]
Fuck you LLL of San Diego
by Dagny (aylablade)
at December 11th, 2007 (04:53 pm)

I just got this email:

Hello, La Leche League mothers…
My name is Michele and am a fellow attendee of the Beaches/Clairemont LLL group.

As you may know, one of our wonderful leaders, Jill, lost her family home and farm to the fires here in San Diego. She has just recently found a housing situation for herself, her husband and her three boys, and she has initiated the long and arduous process of contending with her insurance company.

We would like to take a collection for the family and present Jill with a gift card so that they can purchase necessities during this very challenging time in their lives. We are planning to give her the gift card at the end of our Holiday Potluck this coming Thursday.

Please feel free to contact me through this email, or at ***-***-****

Thank you very much for your consideration and generosity! Hope to see you on Thursday!

Now to explain why this pisses me off. I asked for information before we moved out here. No one replied. I then asked for information when I moved out here. They replied quickly. But the deal out here is that they move from house to house every 4 months. So when I went to the 1st meeting, I asked to be emailed where the next meeting was. I never got one. And today I get an email asking for money? I have no problems being asked for money from someone who lost their house in the fire BUT I have a problem being asked by a member who got my email addy from somewhere. Considering I haven't gotten an email from them in over 3 months, I am VERY pissed.

Dagny [userpic]
Well at least they are trying to get BFing into consumerism
by Dagny (aylablade)
at December 7th, 2007 (03:10 pm)


Dagny [userpic]
by Dagny (aylablade)
at November 27th, 2007 (06:35 pm)

A substitute for natural pregnancy...
--Author Unknown

A substitute for natural pregnancy has been developed by Breed Bronson, Inc., makers of Infantill formula and other baby products. The YOUterus/Plus-centa unit was introduced in pharmacies and discount stores nationwide today.
A company representative explained the rationale for the product: "Many women find it inconvenient to carry their fetuses and maintain a healthy food supply for them for an entire nine months. Pregnancy changes their figures, can interfere with job performance, and requires avoiding drugs and junk food. And some men don't like to be reminded that female sex organs don't exist solely for them."
After a woman's fetus is implanted in a YOUterus/Plus-centa, the unit is simply kept in contact with a body having a temperature of 98.6* F. "But after the second trimester, " commented the representative, "the fetus can maintain its own warmth. It can be left completely alone, except for periodic refilling of the Plus-centa feeding solution."
When asked if such technology would be an acceptable substitute for a woman's experience of new life developing within her, the representative stated: "We believe it will be fairly common for women to carry their own babies the first few weeks, when the thrill of motherhood is new. But soon, anyone experiencing nausea will be referred to our product. Eventually, anyone appearing pregnant after 6 months will be considered a fanatic."
"Eventually there will be psychologists, completely ignorant of the history of human reproduction, who will state that after 6 months, natural gestation is harmful to the fetus' independence."
All preliminary research has indicated that artificially fed fetuses are significantly less healthy than their naturally nourished counterparts. The Breed Bronson representative commented: "The literature accompanying the units will state that natural pregnancy is preferable. But that won't affect sales. We'll spend millions on freebies to obstetricians, and they'll convey to their patients that natural pregnancy is not greatly important, just a matter of personal preference."
"Through advertising dollars, we'll also enlist the media. Television will present natural pregnancy as abnormal by never showing it. 'Yes, we're expecting,' your favorite sitcom character will say, 'our housekeeper is carrying the baby right now.' Parents will come to believe that pregnancy, especially in public, is immodest."
"In natural pregnancy, only mom carries and nourishes the baby. With a YOUterus/Plus-centa, dad, grandma and sitter will all have equal access. We'll promote this idea that democracy, and not quality or safety, is what is important in fetal feeding."
When asked if the company was concerned about government regulation of a product proven harmful to developing babies, the representative stated: "Are you kidding? We project the government will buy one third of our units to distribute to poor women."

Dagny [userpic]
A Yahoo Group
by Dagny (aylablade)
at November 22nd, 2007 (05:52 pm)

I just made a Yahoo group for Mammary_Militia. If you want to join, please go to

Click here to join mammary_militia
Click to join mammary_militia

This is a community for hard core breastfeeders. The ones who want the world to get rid of formula except in those extreme cases. The ones who think that nursing up to and past 2 years of age is common and not "weird". The ones who whip it out anywhere the child needs it whether or not the people around them think it is ok. The ones who tell the naysayers to stuff it and other not so nice phrases. If you think you are one of these, check it out to see if you are one of these.

Dagny [userpic]
Uhhhh I don't think so!
by Dagny (aylablade)
at November 19th, 2007 (11:05 pm)

I read The Lactivist http://thelactivist.blogspot.com/. I guess I am a little miffed on her latest post. She has been trying to wean her 14 month old son for the past 2 months.

Maybe I am overreacting but I thought part of being a "lactivist" meant that you nurse until your kid no longer want to. IE you nurse until he hits college. I thought she would at least nurse until 2 maybe more. But now she is ... SO ready to be done nursing. I've BEEN so ready to be done nursing. Unfortunately, Emmitt isn't quite there yet.

When I was pg with my son, I thought 18 months was all I was going to do. Not bad for someone who never saw a woman nurse. And when I learned about how good it was, hey I figure let him finish. He was 2 yrs, 2 mon, 2 wks old when he weaned. Come to DD and she nurses like it is 1999. I had a "thing" about nursing past 3 but I doubt she will be ready to give it by then. I am all about child-led weaning but didn't think I would get a "boob addicted" toddler.

I so want to say something to her about WHO and all those statistics about extended breastfeeding. But I can't bear to do it. I just don't have a mean bone in my body (ATM) and want to stay that way for a bit.

I just cannot fathom a "lactivist" weaning a child before 2 years.

the great almighty something or other [userpic]
milk blister help?
by the great almighty something or other (autumnleaf77)
at October 22nd, 2007 (07:33 pm)

current mood: hopeful

i figured i'd ask here before seeking the advice of a lactation consultant or something.  each month, a few days before my period, i develop what i think may be a milk blister (red raised spot, almost like a large pimple).  it's in virtually the same spot every time, lasts for about a week and a half, hurts like hell, and eventually goes away only to return.  i didn't have this happen with my son, just my daughter.  at first i thought it was from her teeth irritating the nipple or something but since it comes and goes and is in the same spot i'm pretty sure it's not.  does this sound like a milk blister?  can they reoccur like that?  is there something i can do to prevent it?  it seriously becomes too painful to nurse on that side but of course it's the side she usually prefers (although i think she's gotten broken of that a bit because of all my wincing).  tia!

Dagny [userpic]
A pondering
by Dagny (aylablade)
at September 30th, 2007 (01:14 pm)

I have been thinking since morgangallagher posted a link awhile back about the formula companies making the BFing PSA tone down their ads. There was something in there about a class action lawsuit.

I know that the tobacco companies were just like the formula companies now in their agressive advertising. And after all the lawsuits, they were forced by law to stop advertising to minors, kids, posting billboards, put warning labels on..... (and more but I don't know what they might be).

So my question is, is it possible to get a bunch of women together and bring a class-action lawsuit against the formula companies for their agressive advertising? Because of their agressiveness (a word?), they have damaged millions of breastfeeding relationships and killed thousands of babies. How many moms would have successfully breastfed if they weren't sent home with free formula? How many would have nursed if the LC's, nurses, OB/GYN's, and Peds were paid by the formula companies by lining their pockets. How many babies have gotten sick, gotten cancer, gotten ear infections, gotten massive diarrhea, gotten meningitis? How many moms have died because of breast, uterine, ovarian cancer because of the natural effect of BFing?

I know that this might seem overwhelming, but if we can convince 1 FF mom that the formula companies and not her are to blame, then she might "get on the bandwagon" and convince another one. From the previous post about the blog of the woman stopping BFing because "it took up too much of her time", they have been brainwashed by the formula companies.

It might have taken people dying from lung cancer because of the agressive advertising of the tobacco companies but they finally got them to stop agressively advertising. Everyone knows that smoking can give you lung cancer. It is not a question of if, but when. But yet people still smoke everyday. And FF a baby causes at least 1 baby a second to die because of it. And yet the formula companies are still able to get away with murder. Something needs to be done and it needs to start with us.

I am seriously bothered by any bottle of formula. So much so that I have to restrain myself to go yell at the woman for being so stupid and nursing that baby myself to show her how a "real" woman does it. I hate the fact the these women are stupid as to listen to these companies that all they want to do is make money. And for every drop of formula that goes into a babies mouth, the formula company makes money and will continue to do so with that baby, that baby's baby, and so on. (Read "Don't Kill your Baby" and find out how formula came to be).

I know that America is all about Consumerism. But the lives of our children depend on us to make sure we are healthy enough to make it to the next 100 years.

Anyone with me? Anyone have ideas how to start this? Because I know that FFers tend to get VERY defensive with their "choice".

It's not Lupus! [userpic]
OT, but you should read.
by It's not Lupus! (cerulean_me)
at September 18th, 2007 (07:23 pm)

SixApart would like to mine you for information. Doesn't that sound like fun?

If not, go to your Admin console and paste in "set opt_exclude_stats 1" without the quotation marks. That will opt you out of the mining. Otherwise you're automatically in.

I think sometimes you hear what you wanna hear... [userpic]
Nursing, take two
by I think sometimes you hear what you wanna hear... (mamygirl)
at May 29th, 2007 (10:36 pm)

current mood: aggravated

I nursed my first baby until she weaned herself at 20 months. It never occured to me that I was latching her on wrong, but I must have been. I had her in my home, so I never had a lactation consultant showing me what I was doing wrong. I thought I was a pro. I had no pain, no complications, it was fine. I just held my breast in her mouth for 20 months. No one handed nursing for me, ever.

I thought I could change it with this baby. But.. somehow I didn't. I felt like my breast was smushing him and suffocating him, so I held it.

He's 5 months. His latch sucks. He absolutely cannot hand onto my breast if I let go, because he keeps so little of my breast in his mouth.

That's the real problem. He opens up, I pull him close, and he squishes his mouth shut. His lips don't go out around my nipple, they turn in. I try and pop them out, but nothin. He gets ticked off, unlatches, and we do it again.

I finally saw a lactation consultant. I paid 40 bucks to have her tell me that, by 4 months of age, his latch was probably unchangable.

I just don't believe it. There HAS to be something I can do.

Tell me you have some suggestions.

Dagny [userpic]
One of our own
by Dagny (aylablade)
at May 21st, 2007 (11:26 pm)

One of my good friends son died yesterday. He was just 2 years old. He had some rare genetic disease that they could not diagnose but they were sure he was going to live long enough for them to figure it out. She tried to nurse him but he was unable to suck due to his illness so she pumped exclusively for 8 months until she found herself pregnant again.

Her name is raisangrrl but she has asked not to be contacted because her son's death was quite sudden and tragic for her.

I am trying to set up a paypal account for her, but do not know her account address. If anyone would like to donate, please let me know.
(account address is squiddo97@yahoo.com. It is my husband's email addy because I couldn't set one up under mine, I already have those under mine)

*edit* spelled her name wrong SORRY!

I do believe they think he had this:
Pompe disease has historically been divided into three forms defined by age of onset and progression of symptoms (see below). More recently there has been a trend to divide the disease into two groups: infantile onset (involving the massive enlargement of the heart) and late onset (no heart enlargement):

Infantile, or early onset, is noticed shortly after birth. Symptoms include severe lack of muscle tone, weakness, and enlarged liver and heart. Mental function is not affected. Development appears normal for the first weeks or months but slowly declines as the disease progresses. Swallowing may become difficult and the tongue may protrude and become enlarged. Most children die from respiratory or cardiac complications before 2 years of age.