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Looking back on my own personal history I strongly remember those who have shown me kindness. The jerks that flame me on the internet? I barely remember it happening much less what it was about.

With that in mind, this community was set up for people with strong convictions about nursing. Also for those that need help with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is best- there is no debating that.
However, this is not the place to shove your convictions in someone else's face.

I hope that everyone feels welcome here to ask questions about breasteeding. For those of you responding to questions please be careful to answer in a way that is nice, considerate and most of all ACCURATE. Check out your favorite breastfeeding book or website before giving advice. Also, remember, the poster may have just been up all night with a sick toddler and a baby who is both teething and in the middle of a growth spurt. Likely, the poster is a new parent who is scared and just trying to be sure that their baby doesn't starve.

Bottom line, please be empathetic, considerate and leave some room for other people's opinions.

Just because we are nice, does not mean that our passion for breastfeeding is any less. This is not the place to suggest that a mom give her baby a bottle of formula, not even for a much needed nap.

In conclusion, here are the rules;

1. Never, EVER suggest bottles or formula.
2. Never flame anyone.
3. Contact a moderateor if someone flames you
4. Use a cut tag for long posts, all pictures and all cross-posts.
5. If you want to advertise a new community, please contact me first. mommymilk@gmail.com

A note to dads: You are MORE than welcome here. Though my husband moderates a community just for you lactivistdads. It would be awesome to get that place going.

For the time being, membership is moderated here. If your Live Journal is less than a month old, please be prepared to e-mail us mommymilk@gmail.com and provide a reference, someone that has been a member of another breastfeeing community for awhile. If you don't have a reference, we can work that out, but you will need to e-mail us. For that matter, if your membership is pending, and you have an urgent breastfeeding question, you can ask us via e-mail. I would be happy to make a post for a pending member. I'm just really trying to keep the troll quotient down.


Blue Cross Breastfeeding Support Line 1-800-231-2999